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Do Your CAs Know the Communication Strategies to Increase Collections, Referrals & Retention?

Ever had a miscommunication with a patient? Of course. We all have. Not only can miscommunications be frustrating, energy-sapping and time-consuming…they can also be expensive. When patients get a mixed message from your office: they don’t come back, they don’t pay their bill, and they certainly don’t refer.

Too many chiropractic offices are clinging to…

How to get the money from your A/R aging report into your bank account

Most chiropractors don’t bother looking at their accounts receivables report unless their collections take a dive. Mistake. Big mistake. Unfortunately, ignored claims become uncollectible. Uncover the goldmine hidden in your office before it’s too late! We’ve learned this one the hard way.

Years ago we assumed that because our collections were great, our insurance CA was…