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How to get the money from your A/R aging report into your bank account

Most chiropractors don’t bother looking at their accounts receivables report unless their collections take a dive. Mistake. Big mistake. Unfortunately, ignored claims become uncollectible. Uncover the goldmine hidden in your office before it’s too late! We’ve learned this one the hard way.

Years ago we assumed that because our collections were great, our insurance CA was…

Do Your CAs Create New Patient Raves & Referrals?

“With the strategies we’ve learned, our volume has increased and we’ve had
NON-STOP NEW PATIENTS and also reactivations!”

How much does a bad first impression cost? Take your case average…now multiply it by the number of potential referrals that new patient would have generated. It’s a staggering loss. Let’s face it: a new patient visit WITHOUT…