Do Your CAs Know What to Say...?

Let's face it. CAs have many more interactions with patients than the doctor does: on the phone, during check-in, during check-out, during scans, etc. In other words, CAs have many opportunities to either reinforce the doctor's recommendations, drop the ball by saying nothing, or saying something that inadvertently keeps patients out of your office.
Are you confident that your CAs know the best way to handle the following scheduling excuses at the front desk:
     "I'll call you to set up my next appointment..."
     "I'm going on vacation..."
     "I don't have insurance..."
     "I can't afford care..."
     "I'll need to base my care on my insurance coverage..."
What about when a patient calls to cancel an appointment because:
     "I'm sick..."
     "I feel worse since my last adjustment..."
     "I'm too busy..."
     "I don't have childcare..."
     "I have car trouble..."
     "I'm contagious..."
     "I'm not returning for care..."
     "My medical doctor has advised me to quit care..."
As you can imagine, whether or not a patient continues to comply with the doctor's recommendations is primarily determined by how a CA handles these scenarios. The fact is, CAs make a tremendous difference, either positive or negative, on your practice volume, and the resulting collections.
How well do your CAs communicate the importance of adhering to their chiropractic care schedule? Do they inadvertently send mixed messages or clear responses that are congruent with chiropractic philosophy and your practice vision and objectives?
Do your CAs rely on chance-based communication where they basically roll the dice and cross their fingers for the desired outcome? A great illustration is asking patients: “Did you want to set up your next appointment?” An apparent pitfall, since it allows the patient to answer, “No.”
Think about your appointment tracking systems. Are they antiquated recall logs or do you have a system for keeping patients on their recommended schedule? Are your CAs empowered with effective reactivation scripts and tools to help those MIA patients return for care?
On Wednesday, July 13th at 1pm Eastern, I'll be presenting a one-hour tele-seminar on "Practice-Building Appointment and Recall Systems." Don't worry if that time isn't convenient--your team can access a recording until the end of the month in the "Members Only" section of the the website at no additional charge. We’ll cover the most up-to-date strategies on scheduling and patient tracking. Missed appointments waste three valuable resources in your office: time, energy and money.
In this one-hour tele-seminar (all you need is a travel expenses), your CAs will discover that what they say, what they don't say and how they say it makes all the difference with your patients' adhering to their recommended care schedule. I'll be teaching your team:

  • How to prevent missed appointments
  • How to communicate the importance of appointments to patients
  • The best scheduling techniques
  • How to handle scheduling obstacles
  • How to avoid unconscious sabotage
  • How to decrease no-shows by 66%
  • Effective recall strategies for both new and established patients
  • How to ensure that your patients don’t end up M.I.A.

What would your practice be like if your CAs were skilled at keeping patients on their recommended care schedule? If you can see that it's worth way more than an hour investment in time and the tuition of just $147 for your entire team to participate (only $97 if you enroll as an A.C.E. member), then I urge you to register for the tele-seminar today at
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Thanks to these ACE members for sharing what their practice gained from this topic:
     "It made me take the time out and understand what I say to patients to see if it's effective or not when it comes to reinforcing the importance of scheduling."--Sarah
     "We are able to schedule patients out 4 weeks in advance with no problem!"
     "Our team has really improved on getting appointments rescheduled rather than cancelled."

If you have any questions regarding enrollment options, click to see your registration options. For any other questions about the A.C.E. Program, please visit: FAQ.

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