The A.C.E. Program offers CA coaching and training, focusing on 1 of 14 core topics each month. This approach allows for team-inspired implementation and systematic growth for:
  • Higher profits
  • Less office stress
  • More referrals
  • Increased retention
  • More freedom
  • Well-trained CAs
  • Less staff turnover

Most doctors dread training their chiropractic assistants. Whether you don’t have the time, the tools, the patience, the skills or the information…the A.C.E. Program is for you. Have you always wanted to take your staff to a training seminar but found it too costly? Assistants for Chiropractic Excellence features high-quality training and motivation for your CAs …without costly travel expenses.

Quality CA coaching is just an online course away. Doctor—continue to do that which you do best, and leave the CA training to an expert. Kim Klapp will educate and motivate your CAs to stop unconsciously sabotaging your practice and start actively building it.

What your CAs don't know can hurt your practice!

Latest from Kim's Blog

The Right CA?

December 1, 2016 by

How Important is the Right CA at Your Front Desk?

Face it. Your front desk CA is truly the gatekeeper of your practice: They keep patients on their recommended care schedule - or not. They collect (pre-)payments for care - or not. They ask for referrals on a daily basis - or not. They educate patients to understand the value of

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ACE Stress

November 1, 2016 by

Does Your Team Increase Your STRESS or SUCCESS?

De-stress your practice for more success. That really is the first step. Chiropractic practices can experience all different types of stress: the doctor wanting to completely overhaul the entire practice the day after attending a seminar, running out of necessary office supplies, staff turnover,

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October 3, 2016 by

Do Your CAs Have the WHY to Make Your Practice Fly?

How well do your CAs understand chiropractic philosophy? There is a huge difference between it making sense and being empowered to educate patients and people in the community. Think about the benefits to your practice that come when CAs truly grasp the philosophy of chiropractic: Higher

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