Thanks for turning on my staff! Your material and energy are really succeeding at engaging them in the process of caring for our patients and growing the practice.

- Dr. Slak, MA

We have broken our record for collections and patient visits! The A.C.E. Program has helped our office to keep patients on track and work better as a team.

- Dr. Bigbie, SC

The A.C.E. Program helped our office to focus on growth in every aspect: growing the business, growing personally, growing as a team.

- Dr. Saylor, MI

Kim provides the essential tools needed to take any practice from average to extraordinary. Her knowledge and experience has inspired and motivated our team to teach the message of chiropractic to our patients and community.

- Dr. Robinson, VA

You're awesome! I have my CAs sign up for all of your topics. They love it because you have practical info we can use every day--not just a bunch of fluff.

- Dr. Kiriakatis, NJ

The A.C.E. Program has done more for our practice than 50 years of practice management. The professional and current information gives us the tools available nowhere else. I recommend any practice, new or old to get a healthy snack and cozy up to the computer, and learn and grow with the BEST !!!

- Dr. Bob Levine


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About the A.C.E. Program

The A.C.E. Program offers CA coaching and training, focusing on 1 of 14 core topics each month. This approach allows for team-inspired implementation and systematic growth for:
  • Higher profits
  • Less office stress
  • More referrals
  • Increased retention
  • More freedom
  • Well-trained CAs
  • Less staff turnover

Most doctors dread training their chiropractic assistants. Whether you don’t have the time, the tools, the patience, the skills or the information…the A.C.E. Program is for you. Have you always wanted to take your staff to a training seminar but found it too costly? Assistants for Chiropractic Excellence features high-quality training and motivation for your CAs …without costly travel expenses.

Quality CA coaching is just an online course away. Doctor—continue to do that which you do best, and leave the CA training to an expert. Kim Klapp will educate and motivate your CAs to stop unconsciously sabotaging your practice and start actively building it.

What your CAs don't know can hurt your practice!

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